Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Dr. Strong and in this blog, I want to share with you my fitness journey, which is, to remain ripped and athletic as long as I can throughout the year (ie. be consistently ripped), rather than ripped for a week or even just a month and back to having a body I don’t desire. Thus this blog contains everything I do to achieve this and the methods that have worked for me.

But before I go further, a little summary about myself:

  • I am a finance consultant by day and a qualified personal trainer by night;
  • I am currently studying a masters degree part time;
  • I reside in Victoria, Australia;
  • I am asian (if you couldn’t tell); and
  • I love reading, playing piano, exercising and now, blogging

There are two things that I hope to achieve through this blog, and share with everyone:

  • To log my methods and techniques for getting shredded so that I have a record for myself. I've noticed that each time I transition from a bulk, to a cut, I always forget what I did the last time (roughly 7 months ago). I have to rediscover my techniques each time, which requires thinking and more motivation. By blogging my process as I do it, I can refer back and brainlessly repeat my processes, recipes and exercises again. Call my lazy, but I'd rather not think when I don't have to :D
  • To express the genuine me, outside the world of office politics or socially accepted norms. To say what I want and how I want.

To be honest, this blog is also a journey of self discovery, self examination and learning. There are a lot of things I do to achieve the body I desire, but I am unaware of what I do until I talk about them.

I must warn you though, if you join me on this journey, you will go through my dark and serious moments. But you will also experience joy and satisfaction. It will be a roller coaster ride of good times and bad, but one I am sure, will be worth it.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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