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What’s the one piece of information about bodybuilding that helped me obtain my physique?

To be totally honest, technical knowledge on bodybuilding isn’t necessary from my experience and whatever basic things you need to know are freely available on Youtube.

People might roll their eyes when I say this, but consistency is key. If you just went to the gym with knowledge on how to not injure yourself and started lifting random things and you also ate a diet with decent protein, carbs and calories you’ll eventually get shredded. 

Your body won’t be able to resist your consistency. I don’t follow a lot of the mainstream advice on bodybuilding that’s out there:

  • I don’t time my protein intake; 
  • I don’t sleep well;
  • I don’t do cardio;
  • My exercise form is mediocre at best; and
  • I don’t track carbs or fats

I am not saying these aren’t important, but if you can’t be consistent with diet and training, then don’t even bother trying to enhance your knowledge on bodybuilding.

You’re literally wasting your time learning the wrong thing, because nothing substantial will happen if you aren’t doggedly consistent. You need to spend your time learning HOW to be consistent for yourself. This involves understanding your habits, your preferences, essentially what makes you tick.

Of course this isn’t what people want to hear and neither do I. How I wish good things didn’t require hard work!


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