🧏‍♂️ Three Ways You Can Increase Your Influence Over People 🧏

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This post draws on my experience from bodybuilding, but also from my general life experience, such as from work and general interaction with others.

👔 Improve your appearance

I’ve noticed there is almost a direct correlation between looking good and the level of respect you can elicit from people. When I refer to ‘looking good’, I am talking about having a good physique as well as wearing fashionable clothes.  

My sense of fashion has always been atrocious. However, there came a point that I wanted to make a change. I googled what males my age generally wore, and copied them. Almost overnight my interactions were more positive and people started smiling more. I even started getting compliments for my appearance.

I believe this effect was so profound because the clothes I wore really complimented my physique. They outlined a thick upper body and small waist (ie. they accentuated my v-taper). People trusted me so much more, that I was still taken seriously despite “ummm’ing” and “uhhh’ing” a lot in my speech. 

📗 Enlarge your vocabulary

Being able to articulate yourself is important. Not only is it very satisfying when you can precisely describe how you feel, but sounding articulate also makes you appear a lot more intelligent. As a result, people instantly pay more attention to what you say and take your opinion seriously. 

This is partly the reason why I make a concerted effort to learn new words and integrate them into my daily verbiage.

💎 Improve your confidence

Improving your overall confidence is probably the most important thing that will increase your ability to influence people. When you believe in what you say, people are reassured by the trust you have in yourself and will easily respect you. Having said that, improving your confidence isn’t simple and people spend their lives pursuing this. 

I personally have found that overall life satisfaction and happiness contribute the most to confidence.


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