🌭 Do you need to always eat lean to have a six pack? 🍔

Posted by Eddie . on

Many people think in order to have a low body fat percentage, you always need to be eating lean.

I want to dispel that idea. 

All you need are the right habits and to find what diet routine works for you and your preferences.  

I am often having to eat junk food because I tend to lose too much weight when in a caloric deficit. I want to be sitting at 65kg but have recently fallen to 64 and I risk losing muscle mass. 

Now I don't always eat like this obviously, but I DO eat this way more often than you’d think. I am having 2 to 3 junk food meals a week and this is without cardio. 

Why? Because the rest of my diet is tight and I don’t give in to temptations.

People are afraid that 1 or more dirty meals will take away their abs. This is NOT reality. It’s understandable though because I too was reluctant to eat dirty when I first got visible abs.

I am now confident about eating junk food and still maintaining abs because I’ve cut so many times, I know what extra levers I need to pull in order to lose additional weight.

The beauty is that once you've gone through at least one cut, the difficulty in doing it again is halved because of the understanding you've gained of yourself. You simply have to rinse and repeat.

The point is you need to find a routine and eating pattern that allows you to occasionally enjoy these foods.

You need to feel confident you can execute this routine consistently without failure. Only then will you not be afraid of gaining weight. 

It's important not to focus on getting the ideal body, but understanding HOW you can get the ideal body because then you can get that body whenever you want.


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