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Every year that I’ve cut, I’ve kept refining my process to getting abs, almost to the point that it’s now automatic. Here is what I've learnt. Save this post and refer to later if you want abs.

🥗Importance of diet

I can’t stress this enough, abs are made in the kitchen. This fact doesn’t sell well and is not what people want to hear, which is why you’ll see people promoting exercises that give you abs. However the unfortunate truth is diet is 95% of the work. 

I am willing to bet that if I did no exercises dedicated to the abdominals, I would still have abs purely from dieting and working my core from compound lifts such as bench press and deadlifts.

Cardio can help with shedding fat, but unless you are running a marathon every day, the impact is so miniscule that you’ll hardly notice. It simply is too difficult and impractical to out work a bad diet.

If you truly want abs, effort should be focused on getting yourself to consistently eat a low calorie diet and to do this, you need the right mindset. This is why I am always preaching being self aware because you need to not only understand your food preferences, but you’ll need to find diet strategies that work for you.

Also note I said CONSISTENTLY… you’ll have to be eating like this at least 80% of the time (if not more). I guarantee that you can’t maintain this level of discipline, unless you eat according to your preferences and utilise diet strategies that make eating low calorie habitual. 

If you can’t get your diet under control, forget it, abs aren’t for you. 

🏃🏼Exercises for abs

I equate abdominal exercises to putting the cherry on top of a cake, they simply round things out a little better, but their impact is very small.

Having said that, I recommend doing a few abdominal exercises each week like hanging leg raises and reverse crunches. These focus on the lower abs, which are the hardest of the abdominal muscles to reveal.


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