🧘🏼‍♂️ Is society becoming more self aware? 🧘🏼‍♀️

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Those who follow my content will know that I believe self awareness is very important. I see it as an essential component to happiness and mental peace.

I’ve noticed earlier generations (such as baby boomers) are less self aware than the current generation. I am still shocked at how my parents are easily carried away by their emotions, especially in an argument. During these times, I have to step in and be self aware for them, which means I have to talk through their emotions objectively with them. But often they either aren’t able to comprehend the guidance or aren’t able to acknowledge their emotions because it challenges their pride too intensely.

But this isn’t their fault. The current generation (especially in the developed world) has increasing access to books and content on self help, meditation and self awareness. My parents never had access to these so I can’t compare.

With that said though, I am often surprised at how people in my generation are either very self unaware or unempathetic. I know it’s not right to judge, but it does bother me when someone (from whom I expect better) makes very generic statements.

For example, I have a friend and we spoke politics. We discussed the current tensions between China and the US and she was quick to say the US was right because of the stories you hear from western media. I am neither pro China or US but I mentioned trusting one source of media to pass judgement is dangerous. But she continued to justify how the US was always acting out of goodwill. The point is, she didn’t acknowledge that she was only hearing one side of the story and this is what bothered me.  


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