🤳🏼 Trusting Social Media 👨🏻‍💻

Posted by Eddie . on

There’s a lot of social media fitness content out there and influencers speak with such confidence it’s hard not to believe them.

But at the sake of shooting myself in the foot, I’d advise not to blindly follow social media content without first using your own common sense and doing some form of research. Social media content, as far as I know, doesn’t go through any scrutiny or quality control. This has become especially evident to me after I started posting content because:

  1. Almost everything I post is from my own experience, yet people follow it. I can’t say what I do is suitable for you nor can I confirm it’s actually healthy. I can only say it gets ME results. I am a personal trainer, but not a nutritionist or dietician. I write primarily as a form of self expression, not to teach;
  2. I’ve noticed people will ask you for advice because you have a physique they admire. Your body gives you credibility even though that credibility is not supported by academic qualifications; and finally
  3. I always see ineffective advice getting a lot of views and engagement. For instance time and time again people engage heavily with content on ab workouts because they believe this will reveal their abs, but it’s simply not true.  

However, this raises the question, what can you trust out there? And I can’t answer this question, you need to make this determination on your own and accept the risks that come with it.  

That’s not to say all influencers talk BS. I’d estimate about 65% of all online content is generally right. The point is, understand that when someone has a lot of followers, it only proves they MARKET themselves well. It doesn’t substantiate that they know what they’re talking about.


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