👶 What I know now but wish I knew before - Part 2 👴

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Crucial life lessons I’ve learnt and what I would tell the younger me. See my previous post for part 1.


Like humility, empathy is important for the benefit of yourself. It allows you to understand the real intentions of people. This means you act according to reality rather than basing your actions on false assumptions. This makes life more effective and efficient because it reduces misunderstandings and you’re able to work with the truth.

It also enhances your ability to connect with people because you’re able to see what they’re thinking and this opens up opportunities.

It also equips you with the ability to alleviate anger towards others because you'll see that people are never truly ‘evil’. Their behaviour is really a product of ignorance and fear. Once you understand and truly believe this, your anger disappears because the human mind can not simultaneously be angry and empathetic.


Never assume you’re better than others or that there’s nothing to learn from someone. 

This hit home for me when I had my break up. My ex was someone who wasn’t very educated and only worked casual jobs. At the time, I assumed I was better than her because of my education and career. But when the break up occurred, she walked away without much pain (if any), yet I was left completely destroyed for years (causing me to waste substantial time in my youth). 

I completely underestimated the power she had over me. What this taught me was to never underestimate the value that ANYONE has to offer.

Even if someone can’t teach you something directly, they can show you what not to do purely from observing them. 

Stay tuned for part 3.


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