👶 What I know now but wish I knew before - Part 3 👴

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Crucial life lessons I’ve learnt and what I would tell the younger me. See my previous posts for parts 1 and 2.


One of the benefits I've noticed from ageing is that I am getting better at accepting that things won’t always go my way (granted I am not able to fully accept these outcomes yet). 

I realise more and more that my time left is getting shorter and being anxious doesn't help. I also have the reference experience to see that for the time I’ve had on this earth, anxieties haven’t gotten me any further in life than had I not been anxious.

I also see more people around me having children and they no longer think of themselves, but rather of their new babies. They're "prime time" or "act" on this stage/earth has passed and it's now time for someone else. This shows me that all the worrying they did before the baby (about their careers and health etc.) didn't amount to anything materially important or even substantially change much, which makes me wonder why they worried in the first place.

Seeing that the world doesn’t care if you worry or not, has helped me learn to accept things I don’t like.


One of the skills I wish I had developed when I was much younger is the ability to objectively assess my actions, emotions, preferences and thought processes. Because life has taught me repeatedly that regardless of how confidently I think I know myself, there’s still 10 times more I don’t know. It’s therefore very risky to assume I know myself 100%, only to see I act differently to how I had anticipated.

Admitting that I still have much to learn about myself means I stay vigilant and constantly self monitor and reflect.    


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