๐Ÿ’” Break ups and gains ๐Ÿ’”

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You hear this all the time: guy and girl meet, fall in love, tragedy happens, relationship ends, one is extremely distraught, goes to gym and becomes shredded as a brick.ย ย 

Is this true? It 100% is! I know because it happened to me. Everything on my instagram is because I had a life changing break up. I would never have summoned the discipline otherwise.

But why donโ€™t all break ups lead to this? Itโ€™s because the break ups donโ€™t hurt enough. Speaking from experience, the break up has to truly hurt, almost to the point you lose hope in life and have an existential crisis. It has to hurt so bad that you question yourself and values. It should make you worry that the last 20, 30 or however many years of your life were wasted because you learnt poor values.

Only when you are destroyed, will you no longer seek a tangible outcome from exercise. This translates into you working out consistently and long enough to see superior results. When you workout with expectations of an outcome (like a shredded body) often you won't have the patience to see results. But when you workout because the process itself is giving you results (such as a distraction from constant emotional pain) you will, unintentionally, exercise long enough to accumulate substantial benefits.

I have friends whoโ€™ve had break ups that got them into the gym but their results are still mediocre because the break up didnโ€™t hurt enough.

But this shows that every tragedy in life has a silver lining. When I had my break up, doctors told me to take antidepressants. I am glad I didn't because it was dealing with the pain that allowed me to transform my body. These motivational opportunities (that literally transform you into a brute force machine that will NEVER give up) donโ€™t come frequently, so exploit them when you can.ย 


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