💙 Is there "The One"? 💙

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When dating you’ll often hear the phrase “the one”. People look for “the one” person who is destined for them and they’ll sometimes pass on other potential partners in the hope that “the one” (expected to be 99% compatible with them) will soon come. 

I am spiritual (though not religious) and I do believe fate has its place, but I don’t believe in “the one”. Aside from the concept having romantic appeal, I believe it serves no purpose.  Logically there are so many people on this earth, and millions of them are so similar in many ways, that you can group them into types of people. If you fall for one in a group, you’ll likely fall for the others. This is even more true given the increasingly globalised world. 

But more than this, I believe timing is everything in romance. You could meet someone who is perfect in almost every way, but if you both aren’t in similar stages of maturity and life, things won’t work. You have to be ready. 

To that end, I believe there is no “right one”, but rather, “you make the one right”. When you’re ready to look for love, you’ll find it. As the old adage goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Essentially, ownership is placed on you.

The good thing with this is it empowers you and you’re not a victim because you can, more or less, choose when “the one” will appear. This is very liberating, calming and reassuring.

But how do you become ready? Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be artificially expedited, at least from my experience. But many people try to speed this up and fail, which I think contributes to so many failed marriages and soured relationships.


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