💪 The True Source Of Motivation For Staying Shredded 💪

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Here’s something I’ve realised over the past 3 years of bulking and shredding, getting shredded isn’t easy. However, what’s even more difficult is staying shredded.

Sure, there are strategies, habits and diet tricks you can do to make the process easier. But if you’ve read my content, you’ll know that I firmly believe you need to have a “core why” to motivate you to get shredded. This is because staying shredded necessitates sacrifice. You’ll need to consistently eat low calorie and constantly overcome temptations. You’ll need to be patient and be able to focus on something greater/more worthwhile than the sacrifices you make.  

🧐 What is a “core why” and the difference with a “surface why”?   

A “core why” is a non-negotiable reason that motivates you. It is something that lies so deep inside you, something so essential to your identity, that you find life unbearable if you don’t nourish it. Desiring self-esteem, to feel valued/loved, to feel acknowledged or to live long enough to be with loved ones are core whys. 

This is in contrast to what I dub a “surface why”, which is a reason that sits on top of your core why. It is something more materialistic and superficial, like wanting to look good to attract the opposite sex or to be healthy. These aren’t the REAL reasons you want to be shredded, rather they are manifestations of your true reason. For instance, your surface why is to look good to attract the opposite sex, but on a deeper level, you want to attract the opposite sex because you need to feel loved or acknowledged. 

From my experience, core whys can manifest themselves in many different surface whys. What is important is to recognise what the core why is and to understand what is really at stake if you don’t continue being fit. With such clarity, you’ll know why you have to stay shredded and be able to make the necessary sacrifices with decisiveness. On top of this, you’ll be able to take effective actions that directly address your core why. 


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