📈 Strategies that will help you eat less and lose weight 📉

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Take smaller bites

I often suppress my desire to eat more food by taking smaller bites of food.

For example, take several bites to finish a chip rather than consuming a whole or several chips in one bite. This allows you to enjoy your food for longer and maximises the satisfaction. This in turn suppresses the urge to grab more food due to feeling bored or unsatiated.   

Know the difference between being full and ‘not hungry’ 

There’s a clear difference in the amount of food one consumes when they eat to the point of being ‘full’ and to the point of no longer being hungry. 

I find I only need 70% of what I serve myself to no longer be hungry. Eating beyond that point makes me full. I can save the calories I didn’t consume for snacks later on, should I crave them.  

The trick is noticing when you’ve eaten to the point you’re no longer hungry and employing willpower to stop there. Stopping yourself from eating at this point takes some willpower, but significantly less than if you were to stop eating when you’re still hungry.

Delay eating as long as you can

By delaying your first meal into the day as long as possible, you’ll reduce the total waking hours you have available to physically eat food. Further, you’ll also feel fuller during the period you do eat food since you’ll be fitting in a full day’s worth of food into a reduced timeframe.

As a result, you’ll naturally eat less. This is a less elegant way of performing intermittent fasting. Initially, doing this can be challenging as your body acclimatises.

You may feel hunger in the morning for example. However, you will get used to it, and not eating before 12pm will be easy.


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