📷 How To Look Better For Photoshoots 🤳

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I am no expert in photography, but I do have experience in performing photoshoots. I’ve learnt a few things you can do to optimise your best look for the camera, such as preparing your body before the photoshoot, positioning the lighting and angling yourself to show your best side. 


A day or so before your photoshoot, I recommend getting a spray tan, especially if you’re pale. The darker skin brings out the character in your muscles, highlighting definition.

On the day, bring resistance bands/tubes and do a light workout before the photoshoot. This will keep you warm and pump blood into your muscles, increasing vascularity and size. Work the major muscle groups like shoulders (lateral raises), chest (push ups) and arms (bicep curls and tricep extensions).

I also recommend eating something with sugar (like rice cakes or a banana) before the photoshoot. This will help you maintain your ‘pump’ by rushing glycogen into your muscles. 


Again, I am no photographer but there are widely known do’s and dont’s with lighting for muscly photoshoots.

Do’s: Drop and rim lighting are your best friends as these accentuate muscle definition. Drop lighting is where the light source is directly above you. Rim lighting is when the light source is on your side (either on your left or right side). It’s hard to say how far, close or what exact angles to place these lights as it largely depends on existing ambient light in the room. You’ll have to experiment.

Don’ts: Avoid placing light sources behind you (shining into the camera lens) or in front you. Both of these will drown out your muscle definition, making you look flat. 


My best photos are typically of me posing on my side (either my left or right side facing the camera), with a mild rotation of the torso towards the camera. This angle makes the arm facing the camera look big, and the mild torso rotation makes your waist look slimmer. Also hold your arm flush against your body as this pushes the biceps and triceps out, again, enhancing their apparent size.    


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