🙌 Life-time of shreds 🙌

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My techniques and methods for getting and staying shredded are admittedly not the most effective at retaining muscle whilst losing fat. They definitely work (at least from my experience) but I am sure I could retain more muscle if I followed a more scientific process. 

Why don’t I revise my methods then? Because my methods are designed to fit in my life. My goal isn’t to step on stage and have the most sizable muscles with 0% body fat. Rather I want to live a life of constantly being shredded with decently sized muscles and have visible abs with vascular arms. Being shredded just for a week isn’t what I want.

So far my methods have worked as I’ve lived at least 50% of the last 4 years, shredded. The other 50% has been marred by lockdowns so I’ve dirty bulked to compensate. I also don’t think it's feasible to live 4 years straight being peeled to the bone because your muscles will eventually shrink and diet fatigue will set in. You need to give your body a break. 

This is why sometimes my cuts are faster than what an optimal cut should be (I lose around 1kg to 1.1kg per week when the ideal is at max 0.9kg per week). Also I skip breakfast, don’t time my protein intake (and in fact front load a lot of my protein to the morning to get it out of the way) and I dirty bulk (I can’t recall ever lean bulking). My sleep is also terrible (average around 6 hrs per day) and my exercise form is admittedly less than ideal. But everything I do (I think) has its reason to make this process sustainable for me.

Having said that, I am always a proponent of learning and open to improving things. As I learn more about fitness and myself, my methods will evolve accordingly.      


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