🙏 Knowing when to forgive yourself 🙏

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Whilst my content is focused heavily on fitness, I also use my social media platforms to explore topics that are genuinely dear to me and this is one of them.

I am going to admit that I’ve made (and still make) many mistakes in life. I’ve hurt many people and still do despite my greatest attempts not to. 

But out of all these mistakes, I can say with utmost certainty that I’ve NEVER EVER intended to be evil or hurt someone when I’ve known the full extent of damage I may cause.

I am certainly not saying the outcome of my actions are excusable or that I am alleviated of any responsibility, or even that I am absolved of needing to right the wrong. I do believe I’ve made mistakes that have caused things to be so bad they can no longer be fixed. As a result, I certainly deserve to suffer the consequences till I depart this earth.

But life has taught me this, if I don’t forgive myself, I will stay stagnant and never move forward. This will be unproductive not only for myself but also to those I’ve wronged.

As I’ve alluded to above, forgiving myself is not excusing my mistakes and permitting myself to make them again. It is ACCEPTING that I’ve made the mistake, bear the responsibilities and understand the intent behind my actions. Forgiving myself is the act of applying empathy and taking the most logical and proactive step to move forward for the benefit of everyone.

The unfortunate thing is if I wanted to never make another mistake or hurt another person again, I would have to self terminate because I am a flawed human despite my best attempts not to be.    


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