🚴🏼‍♀️ Things To Know About Weight Loss 🏃🏼‍♂️

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Weight loss is not easy and if you aren’t familiar with the process, you can quickly become disheartened. Here are some pieces of advice I wish I had the first time I cut.

☝🏻 Weight loss is not linear

There are many things that influence your weight each day, and the amount of fat you carry is only one. Many other factors can influence your weight, but have nothing to do with fat. For example:

  • Stress levels and mood
  • Amount of physical food and water you have inside you
  • How well you slept the night before
  • Time of day you are weighing yourself
  • Amount of physical activity you’ve done
  • Amount of lean muscle mass you carry

This is why you shouldn’t assess how much fat you’ve lost from a daily reading of the scale. You’re much better off taking an average across 7 days and comparing your weight on a week by week basis.

☝🏼 You won’t notice change day to day

People want to get shredded fast, but if you want to do it naturally, you’ll need to be patient. Fat loss takes time and as such, you won’t notice physical change day to day. Don’t be discouraged if you look in the mirror and things are exactly the same. You might assume your diet isn’t working, but I guarantee you, it is, it’s just the change is so miniscule for you to see.

☝🏽 Fat isn’t lost evenly across the body

Your body will naturally prioritise where on itself to store excess fat and where to burn it off. This is something you can’t control, so when losing fat, it’s common to see certain parts of yourself leaner (and more vascular) than others.  

☝🏾 You can’t spot reduce

In keeping with the above, you can’t spot reduce fat by doing an exercise focused on a particular body part. That is, you can’t choose which body part to lose fat. 1000 ab crunches aren’t going to make you lose more fat on your stomach any more than it will on your arms. You have to commit yourself to losing fat overall until the part you want fat to be lost from, starts losing fat. 

My abs are the first place to gain fat and the last place to lose it, hence why you might see me with vascular arms but with a mild belly.        


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