3 Things about mindset you need to get on top of to stay shredded all year round

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Getting and staying shredded is simply a matter of mindset. The internet is abundant with fitness information, it’s impossible not to know the technicalities of getting shredded. Below are 3 aspects of mindset you need to have in order to stay lean all year round.


By this I mean, you have to isolate exactly what you crave about your foods. Is it the flavour? The texture? Whatever it is, observe it, then replace it with something low calorie that replicates that aspect. So for me, I ate a lot of potato chips but it was the saltiness and being able to eat a snack abundantly that I liked, so I opted for pretzels. The actual taste and texture of potato chips wasn’t important to me, so long as the snack was salty and I could eat it till satiation.    


Ignoring genetics, there is no easy natural way (yet) that will help you stay lean forever. Regardless of all the low fat/calorie foods out there, in the end, if you want to stay lean, you have to actually want it, otherwise you won’t have the discipline to ignore certain foods or to do cardio. There is a minimum level of willpower you need, but you can implement measures to maximise the effectiveness of that willpower. For example, you can:

  • Socialise with people who count calories and are into fitness (you will naturally adopt their mindset)
  • Draw on past experiences to fuel your willpower (ie. bullies, breakups)


I’ve noticed I can’t just have a handful of chips and stop there when hungry. I will keep eating. Knowing this, I have the rule that I can eat as many chips as I want ONLY after I have eaten a big bowl of my egg white salad. After the salad, I may have a few chips, but ultimately I am too full to eat a large amount. This is an example of me still allowing myself to eat my preferred food, but in a way that is managed.


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