How having a low body fat affects your skin

Posted by Eddie . on

When my body fat is low, my skin has more wrinkles and looks more dehydrated compared to when I have a normal amount of body fat.

This is due to three things:

  1. Having lower subcutaneous fat (which is the fat just below the skin). This makes the skin look more textured and dehydrated. On the plus side, you look more vascular.
  2. Consuming a lower amount of dietary fat deprives the skin of nutrients, which ordinarily help with maintaining supple skin 
  3. Consuming less water-absorbing carbohydrates, which means you’re actually more dehydrated. Your body, in turn, sucks more water from your skin and supplies it to more vital organs.

A daily routine to help is after your shower, pat your face with water, then apply a layer of Hyaluronic Acid. Follow this with your standard facial moisturiser.

Follow this routine once in the morning and at night.


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