Quick ways to cut your daily calories

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As we all know, cutting calories is vital to becoming shredded. Below are some quick ways to reduce calories in your everyday foods. As I always preach though, you must have an underlying motivation to cut your calories, otherwise you won’t stick with these tips.

🧂 Use herbs, salt and spices for flavour instead of sauces: You can unlock a tremendous amount of flavour by just using rosemary, sea salt, CRACKED pepper, paprika and garlic powder. Avoid creams and dressings (soy sauce and hot sauces are fine). As a general rule, the more filling and satisfying a flavour is, the more calorically dense it will be.

🥘Use a non-stick pan or oven : Invest in a solid non-stick pan that allows you to cook foods without having to use oil or butter. Alternatively, you can also oven bake your foods on a baking sheet. Whilst you may argue you don’t use a lot of oil anyway, even just a tiny bit still adds calories and every calorie counts.

🥒Use low calorie substitutes: Nowadays, there are low calorie substitutes for almost every food item you can think of. All you have to do is search. For instance:

  • Water instead of milk for scrambled eggs
  • Chia seeds instead of eggs for baking
  • Zucchini or konjac noodles instead of wheat based spaghetti
  • Stevia instead of sugar 

🍟Opt for thick cut fries: If you must have fries, go for the thick cut (or steak) fries as there’s more potato and less oil absorbed per chip. The thicker the chip, the better.

🥦Aim for voluminous foods: Go for foods that occupy more volume in your stomach so you’ll feel full faster and longer. Examples include:

  • Sparkling water instead of regular water
  • Raw spinach instead of cooked spinach
  • Adding a bit of extra water to your normal soup base



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