🧓 Respect Your Elders 👵

Posted by Eddie . on

It’s fathers day this weekend and I want to make a post about my parents. I love them but they annoy me, so much so, I had to move out long ago.

Having said that, I owe them a lot. They’ve done much for me and have never sought credit or acknowledgement. They’ve been my silent supporters. Even when they don't know how to help, they’ve acted with my best interests at heart. 

Aside from everything else they’ve done, they’ve also guided and advised me, even though this advice has sometimes proven wrong.

But life has taught me you always need to respect the advice from parents (or from anyone older than you) because it’s very likely they’ve considered something (often quite subtle) that you haven’t. It doesn't mean you have to follow the advice, but you must always listen and acknowledge that there's probably something beneficial in the advice that you haven’t considered because it’s beyond your current experience and comprehension.   

Even if they're wrong, their wrongness is rooted in more experience than you have, and that means they deserve to at least be heard, because there are many subtle things in life you’ll only understand through experience.

You don’t have the authority to assume your elders are wrong because then you’re using your own (less experienced) discretion to discern what advice is and isn't relevant to you. This would be the same as buying a workout plan from a PT and choosing what exercises to follow and which ones to ignore. You’ll end up with subpar results because the PT designed the program to be performed as whole and certain exercises will supplement others.  


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