🍃 Confusion between low body fat and steroids 💉 

Posted by Eddie . on

During my time in the bodybuilding community, I’ve noticed that the topic of steroids and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) garners a lot of debate. People get very emotional over whether one is natural (natty) or enhanced (on gear).

I’ve been accused time and time again that I am enhanced but I’ve noticed people only think this when I am very lean. This is where I’ve observed most people get confused. There is a frequent misunderstanding between when one is on steroids and when they aren’t but are able to reveal a lot of muscle due to having a low body fat percentage.

I’ll agree that I look a lot stronger and muscular when I am very lean as compared to when I have a higher body fat (sometimes I even surprise myself). But I know for fact this is all simply an appearance. I only LOOK stronger but I guarantee you I am weaker than when I am fatter. In the process of cutting, I also lose muscle mass but I still seem to look bigger simply because my muscles are more prominent, defined and shapely.  

The unfortunate thing is those who make the accusations won’t truly understand until they go through the process of being extremely lean, witnessing how their appearance changes when cutting and seeing, for themselves, how society’s comments on their physique changes when they’ve lost a lot of body fat.

The other thing is a lot of people may not have the right routines, habits or inner motivation to get lean to prove this to themselves. Therefore, it’s much easier to claim one is unnatural and be done with it. 


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