🔥 Taking a break from lifting 🔥

Posted by Eddie . on

At some point in your lifting journey you will have to take a break from lifting, whether it be due to injury, life emergencies or something else. I, myself, am currently on a hiatus from lifting due to suffering a wrist injury. 

But what is the best way to cope with such a break?

Assuming your fitness goal is to be muscular and lean, your main concern should be to prevent your existing hard earned muscles from atrophying (that means losing muscle mass). 

To do this, you’ll want to ensure you are in a caloric surplus. The idea is that when you’re in a deficit, your muscles are starved. However, through constant training, you’re able to keep them full through repetitive stimulation as this routes nutrition to your muscles. Once this stimulation stops, the muscles will deflate and start to lose size as nutrition is routed elsewhere in the body. Since losing fat is easier than gaining muscle (building muscle takes a lot more time and effort), you’ll want to prioritise the preservation of your muscles. That means be ok with gaining some weight and losing your abs during this period. 

Also try as much as possible to remain active and have some muscle stimulation. If you can’t find a gym, carry resistance tubes with you. If your break is due to an injury, do small light exercises so long as you don’t experience pain. Be wary of going back to lifting too early though as you can risk disturbing the injury again and making what was originally acute, chronic.

I should add that I am not a qualified exercise doctor, the above has just been my personal experience.