eBook: Staying Lean - A comprehensive guide to naturally maintaining a low body fat percentage

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Are you able to lose weight but struggle to keep it off? Do you have a poor relationship with food? Do you fear and feel a victim of your cravings? If so this eBook is for you. 

Version 1.0 of Staying Lean is a compendium of mindsets, strategies and secrets I personally follow to stay lean all year round (around 8% body fat).

This book is for everyone, whether you're struggling with weight loss or are experienced with dieting and need extra tips. 


  • In-depth explanation on the essential and non-essential components for maintaining a lean physique all year round
  • Step by step guidance on developing and implementing an action plan for maintaining a lean physique, including how to calculate your daily calorie intake
  • List of recommended foods for weight loss 
  • Interrelationship between all the components for maintaining a lean physique 
  • Helpful tips, notes & more


  • Visible abs and a flat stomach;
  • Increased vascularity (veins);
  • V-Taper body (for men);
  • Hour glass frame (for women);
  • Athletic and/or lean physique; and
  • Sharper jawline (for men)

Pre-requisites to see results are:

  • Dedication; 
  • Motivation;
  • Discipline 

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